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The story of Adze Designs is a tribute to human ingenuity and innovation, drawing inspiration from the dawn of humanity, when people first gathered around fire, sparking the sense of space. The innate desire to build and create gave rise to the Adze, a Stone Age tool that has been wielded by countless workers throughout history. The Adze symbolizes progress and human perseverance, and it serves as the guiding spirit for our design studio.

At Adze Designs, we adopt evidence-based design approach to create workplaces that enhance well-being and productivity. We are driven by the same fundamental principles that propelled our ancestors to create spaces for connection and collaboration. We believe that the key to unlocking human potential lies in understanding the intersection of the physical environment and the human experience.


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Karim El Faramawy

Founder & Managing Director

A Workplace Design Specialist and Business Innovator with a passion for evidence-based design. 

Over the past decade Karim has worked for different firms with varied scopes of work and diverse approaches to architecture: mega projects, conservation, commercial, high-tech and traditional construction, commissioned by both public and private sectors across the globe. Karim continues to be involved in academia and technological developments in design. He a visiting lecturer of computational design and digital fabrication at a number of universities in Egypt 

Karim founded Adze Designs in 2016 to create unique workplaces that support company values, brand and strategy; promote employee engagement, health and wellbeing; and combine resilience, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal.

Marwa Abdel-Latif

Co-Founder & Head of Research Unit

A Spatial Academic and Practitioner with the mission of sharing and co-designing experiences of knowledge workers in the built environment.

In the academic sphere, Marwa is an associate professor of  urban design and planning at Ain Shams University and a WELL AP. She has worked on various international research projects in Europe and the MENA region focusing on improving the quality of life in urban settlements. 

In 2018, Marwa joined Adze Designs as a co-founder and head of research unit. Her goal is to develop rigorous tools and scientifically-proven solutions with to develop innovative workplaces that augment productivity and enhance human well-being. 

Karim Abo Bakr

Partner & Board Member

An Organizational Psychologist with a background in medicine, and a mission to promote workplace mental health and wellbeing.

Karim works at the intersection of mental health, management, and education. Karim has a wealth of experience in management education and development. He is the Co-founder and Co-CEO of Mirqah and advisory board member at various organizations.

In 2018, Karim joined Adze Designs as a business partner and board of directors, where he provides insights on business strategy, organizational design, and management practices.